Comprehensive Care Management Program

Navigating the challenges of aging can be complex. Bacoa’s Comprehensive Care Management Program provides an in-depth care management plan to ensure the needs of older adults, families, and caregivers are met.

We are here to help those struggling to manage their daily affairs. Our team works with clients, their families, and caregivers to understand and find the right solutions that manage health and improve their quality of life. Working together, we plan implement, and monitor the client’s needs and adjust the plan as needed.

Call Bacoa at 847-381-5030 to speak with a Social Services staff member and start your screening for our Comprehensive Care Management Program.

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Care Management intake analysis and plan, connecting you to the services that best meet your wants, needs, and abilities.

  • Follow-up support

  • Enrollment in Bacoa programs (as needed): Meals with Wheels, housing assistance, Medicare/Medicaid enrollment, tax preparation, lending closet, transportation, utility assistance, memory care, and more.

Bacoa’s Comprehensive Care Management staff performs seven essential steps for our clients, ensuring they’re connected to the social services that best match their wants, needs, and abilities.


Collect in-depth information about a client’s situation and identify their needs in order to develop a comprehensive care management plan.


Determine specific objectives, goals, and actions designed to meet the client’s needs. Implementation: Execute and specific care management services or interventions.


Execute specific care management services or interventions.


Organize and secure resources necessary to accomplish care management goals.


Gather sufficient information from relevant sources and document services to enable the care manager to determine the plan’s effectiveness.


Determine the effectiveness of outcomes and goals at appropriate intervals.


Measure interventions to determine each intervention’s outcome and assess improvement in the client’s quality of life.

Older Adult Woman Embracing Younger Woman
Young Man Walking With Older Man in Wheel Chair on Bridge on Nature Walk

Who can benefit from Bacoa’s Comprehensive Care Management Program?

  • Family members who want to make sure their loved one gets the right support
  • Caregivers who have become more involved with helping a loved one
  • Older adults with severe medical conditions or a significant new medical diagnosis without local family
  • Older adults needing to improve their safety or quality of life at home
  • Older adults wanting to explore retirement housing options

Meals with Wheels

Hot meals delivered to those who are unable to prepare their own

Memory Screening

Assessment for early detection and treatment of memory loss


Rides coordinated for medical appointments, errands, and Bacoa programs

Comprehensive Care Management

Feel empowered as you age. Bacoa will help you navigate aging every step of the way. Our team is here to offer professional, unbiased guidance to ensure you have answers and solutions to your older adult concerns.

We provide resources to make living situations safe and comfortable throughout the aging process. These resources include information, referrals, and counsel on in-home home care, emergency response systems, and housing options, such as rental retirement, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. Our staff members also make home visits to assess individual home care needs and assist with implementing appropriate services.

  • Advocating on a client’s behalf
  • Coordinating transportation
  • Arranging in-home help
  • Accompanying older adults and their family to different facilities
  • Medical service coordination
  • Applying for benefits

How it Works


A case manager will visit your home and talk about goals for improving your safety and quality of life


We will set goals for success and arrange support from community resources and local services


Your case manager will regularly visit, communicate with family, coordinate with providers, and offer support for unforeseen needs

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Financial Assistance

Managing your finances and budgeting can be difficult when on a fixed income. Our dedicated team is here to address the financial concerns of older adults. We will protect your interests and help you take charge of your economic well-being.

  • Money management
  • Financial coaching
  • Budgeting for the future
  • Debt management
  • Help after fraud and scams

We’re here for you.

Bacoa is your connection to helpful resources. Our team is ready to assist with any aging-related needs. We look forward to connecting with you.