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Our Team

Bacoa’s team works each day to empower older adults and maximizes knowledge across generations. Together, we help members of our community maintain a quality of life that matches their needs, wants, and abilities. We do this by offering programs that serve our clients’ multiple needs, so they can live to their full potential and on their own terms.

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Terri Channer, Bacoa Executive Director

Terri Channer

Executive Director
Sue McNamara, Bacoa Social Services Director

Sue McNamara

Social Services Director
Pam Pellizzari, Bacoa Memory Programs Manager

Pam Pellizzari

Memory Programs Manager
Janine O'Leary, Bacoa Active Program Manager

Janine O’Leary

Active Program Manager
Diane Vos Hansen, Bacoa Social Services Manager at Bacoa

Diane Vos Hansen

Social Services Manager
Carol Hannagan, Bacoa Executive Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator at Bacoa

Carol Hannagan

Executive Assistant
Matt Downing, Bacoa Communication & Client Care Manager

Matt Downing

Communication & Client Care Manager

A Message from Our Executive Director

“I am tremendously grateful for Bacoa, its programs, services, activities, and support it provides for aging adults. I have witnessed the compassion that staff show to those who call on us for help. And I have seen the fun Bacoa staff has with participants in our activities.

I look at Bacoa as being the lifeline some of us search for when we are faced with scary and unexpected changes in our lives—and the friendly voice at the other end of the phone line when people call with questions.”

Terri Channer

Volunteer Opportunities

Our hard-working volunteers make it possible for us to improve client outcomes and expand assistance to people in nearby suburbs. Their work is invaluable to those we serve. By becoming a Bacoa volunteer, you will help us make a positive difference in the lives of older adults within our community.


Bacoa is home to a growing team of compassionate and talented individuals dedicated to our community. We welcome a variety of diverse individuals with unique backgrounds, skills, and experiences.

We’re here for you.

Bacoa is your connection to helpful resources. Our team is ready to assist with any aging-related needs. We look forward to connecting with you.