Lucas Law

Wills and Powers of Attorney Program

Bacoa is proud to partner with Lucas Law to create the following legal documents for low-income adults over 60:

  • Living Will

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney

  • Property Power of Attorney

Quotes for other items can be provided by Lucas Law.

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Two Older Adults Looking at Wills and Powers of Attorney Paperwork

Contact Bacoa to learn more
Please call us at (847) 381-5030 to schedule an appointment

What You Need

  • Suggested donation to Bacoa of $15 per item (time donated by Lucas Law). Payment due at time of service.

  • Registration: Participants must call Bacoa at 847-381-5030 to complete an income screening and questionnaire before they can schedule their appointment .

  • Program Requirements:

    • Gross Monthly Income Under: $2,265
    • Asset Limit: $17,500

We’re here for you.

Bacoa is your connection to helpful resources. Our team is ready to assist with any aging-related needs. We look forward to connecting with you.