Meet Mary

“During the pandemic, these safe activities—especially on Zoom—are a godsend.” – Mary

Active and always interested in new things, 77-year-old Mary Pass leads a busy and active life. That is until hip and ankle surgeries slowed her down. After 12 weeks of rehabilitation and with the onset of COVID stay-at-home precautions, Mary needed additional support. Not wanting to impose on her daughter, Mary began looking for nearby services to help her recover at home. She reached out to Bacoa for Meals with Wheels and soon realized the service not only provided meals but also served as a regular wellness check.

But Mary needed more than just meals. Without her usual activities, she began to feel isolated and “significantly sad.” A friend told her about Bacoa’s virtual programs, including weekly bingo, and she gave it a try. Now a bingo regular and participant in other virtual programs, Mary’s mobility has increased, and she has also begun to enjoy safe in-person activities such as walks with the Outsiders Group. “During the pandemic, these safe activities—especially on Zoom—are a godsend,” she says. “It combats some of the loneliness we experience—especially those who live alone.”

Mary Pass, Bacoa Client

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