Additional Engaging Stories

These clients wish to share their experiences yet remain anonymous.

Sometimes, the most impactful stories are ones of conflict, loss, and hardship. In challenging times, we can help our clients find courage and strength.

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Picking Up the Pieces

Financial Exploitation

Bacoa received a call from the Barrington Police Department asking for assistance on behalf of an individual with Alzheimer’s disease. He was exploited by a caller who told him he had won a significant prize online.

The individual lost over $30,000 purchasing cell phones that he mailed to fake addresses. The caller also coerced the individual to open a line of credit and mail checks to the fake address. The financial loss was devastating.

Taking on the frauded individual as a client, Bacoa worked with his spouse to open a new checking account, reviewing their bills and credit card statements weekly. We appealed fraudulent charges and put a credit freeze on all three credit reporting companies. This was just the start.

Our team helped his spouse set up a monthly budget and manage their finances safely. Bacoa now visits the family monthly to review expenses and adjust their household budget if necessary.

Care and Connection

A Bacoa Client Receives Dynamic Case Management for Their Changing Needs

Our team began working with an older adult from Ela Township who needed help with Medicare. Later that year, the client was diagnosed with liver cancer, which became acute. Knowing he needed additional support, Bacoa assisted the client in nursing home placement, where he entered hospice care. Six months later, the client no longer needed long-term care or hospice.

Bacoa helped the client’s family find a supportive living facility. We also helped the client with free transportation to doctor appointments. Our Social Service Staff remained close to the client and their family until the client’s passing. The family is grateful for the assistance from Bacoa and the closer partnership we had with the client during the last days of their life.

Feeling At Home

Helping Clients Achieve a Stress-free Home After Roommate Conflicts

Two Bacoa clients sought help from our Social Services staff on communication issues with a friend and their family. Because they are friends and roommates, the delicate situation proved to be increasingly stressful. The two clients were unsure how to resolve the conflict, which took a toll on their home life.

Bacoa’s Social Services helped relieve some of their stress and see the conflict from a new perspective. As a result, they could make the right decision for their living situation. After meeting with Social Services, one client said, “Many thanks. I have felt so much calmer and prepared to address the situation after our conversation. You were so very helpful and wise.”

A Caregiver’s Reflection

‘A Day Out’ Program Uplifts Husband and Wife

Bacoa’s Memory Programs continue to be a lifeline for caregivers and individuals with brain disease in our community. One caregiver said, “My husband is so much better, and his mood, confidence, and energy levels just skyrocket after Bacoa’s ‘A Day Out’ Program.”

We’re here for you.

Bacoa is your connection to helpful resources. Our team is ready to assist with any aging-related needs. We look forward to connecting with you.